384 pages with 570 b/w and 8 col. illustrations, 26 × 19,5 cm, Hardcover // Open Access

ISBN: 978-3-422-98640-4
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Davor Konjikušić

Red Glow

Yugoslav Partisan Photography, 1941–1945

Davor Konjikušić offers an in-depth presentation and contextualization of the photographs created by Yugoslav partisans between 1941 and 1945. The book goes beyond an aesthetic depiction of the photographs; it also deals with the history of their use and function within one of the biggest anti-fascist movements in Europe during the Second World War.

The photographs are used to trace the development of a movement that—while seemingly doomed to certain failure—nevertheless survived the most destructive war in human history.

This book provides new answers to the question of photography’s role as a medium and its significance and use in social movements.