In Motion. Art and Football

05/27/2024 – 01/07/2025
Deutsches Fußballmuseum, Dortmund

In Motion. Art and Football

In a large-scale special exhibition at the Deutsches Fußballmuseum (German Football Museum) painting gets to the bottom of football’s mystique. And vice versa, since football with its aesthetics, dynamics, rites, and contradictions inspires artists and reveals innovative, surprising perspectives and artistic possibilities. This culminates in impressive interplay between the two worlds. Accessing 20th-century European art through football and deciphering the fascinating as well as contradictory game of football as a European phenomenon through the perspective of modernist painting uncovers new knowledge in both fields.

More than 100 works of art from national and international collections are examined. The exhibition is designed along the same conceptual lines as the European Championship itself: each nation participating in the EURO 2024 is represented by at least one artist, so underlining the fundamental concept of a diverse but united Europe.

Deutsches Fußballmuseum
Platz der Deutschen Einheit 1
44137 Dortmund

More information about the exhibition.

More on the book In Motion. Art and Football can be found here.

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