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“... to make its visual treasures ever more widely known”: On the photographic campaigns of Victor Angerer and Josef Löwy in the picture gallery of the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts

Viktoria Cordts

Aus der Zeitschrift: Rundbrief Fotografie

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08 Jun 2024



In 2022 the graphic collection of the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna augmented its collection by adding photographic reproductions and glass-plate negatives of the works in its own picture gallery, the study of which has shed light on how Vienna’s art collections handled requests for reproductions in the last third of the 19th, and the early days of the 20th century. The idea was to make the holdings accessible to both the public at large and art historians engaged in research. This turned the spotlight on the work of the photographers Victor Angerer and Josef Löwy, whose efforts to retain the reproduction and duplication rights to the works in the Academy’s collection were motivated primarily by commercial considerations and eclipsed the institutional goals of the Academy itself. This is borne out by the fact that the Kunstverlag Wolfrum continued to use Löwy’s negatives right up to the 1920s.

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