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Gustaf Dalman’s Sheet Film Negatives: An Interdisciplinary University Project

Susanne Kähler und Ulrich Rüdel

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20 Sep 2022



As part of a joint teaching project in the B. A. programs in museology and conservation / restoration/field archaeology, respectively, at HTW – University of Applied Sciences Berlin with the theological faculty at Greifswald University, an approximately 100 year old inventory of historical sheet film negatives from the collections of theologian Gustaf Dalman (1855–1941) was digitized. Within the framework of a specially developed workflow ranging from conservation treatment and proper digitization to entries into the database as well as historical analysis of these theologically informed Palestine images, instructive practical problems were encountered. In particular, these emerged within the digitization process due to the inherent photographic heterogeneity (that is, often, lack of optimal quality) of the historical photographs. Additional questions regarding priorities and curation within collection processing offer to advance a rewarding area of joint project work within the study of Dalman’s life and work.

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