40 Seiten mit 21 farbigen und 4 schwarzweißen Abbildungen; 12 x 17 cm, Klappenbroschur
ISBN: 978-3-422-04025-0
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Stiftung Preußische Schlösser und Gärten Berlin-Brandenburg (Hrsg.)

Peacock Island

Englische Ausgabe

The Peacock Island is a concrete example of how different property owners can change a landscape site over the course of history according to their particular predilections. The island, with its ancient trees and picturesque buildings – now a nature reserve and a UNESCO World Heritage site – was used experimentally as a location for breeding rabbits and then for a smelly glass foundry as late as the seventeenth century. These facilities were later replaced by the white castle, visible from afar, a dairy farm, fountains, and a place for the peacocks that had been settled there. Much like a zoo, the island maintained a population of exotic animals; there were also botanical rarities, which however burned along with the "House of Palms" in 1880, and above all the rose garden, which still exists today. The lack of war-time bombing was good fortune. As a result, the historical appearance of the grounds has by and large been preserved and the island is a popular destination for excursions, not least because of the many peacocks wandering freely about.


Eine wechselvolle Geschichte und unterschiedliche Besitzer verliehen der Insel im Südwesten Berlins ihr besonderes Aussehen und einen herausragenden Stellenwert. Der naturgeschützte alte Baumbestand und die Rosengärten, das Schloss, die weiteren Anlagen und nicht zuletzt die namengebenden Tiere machen die Faszination dieser Insel aus.