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›Reframing‹ mittelalterlicher Skulpturen: Verschönerung, Umnutzung, Neuinterpretation?

Ulrike Bergmann

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01 Jul 2017



Medieval wooden sculptures were in most cases reframed several times during their history. Sculptures have thus been repainted or reused in different contexts. The reasons for these reframings have been different, for example change of taste, use, or place, or repair of damage. Sculptures of the Virgin Mary were especially subject to these later changes, because they were the focus of veneration and thus were exposed to touching hands, burning candles, and incense. In addition, the image of the Virgin was often exposed to fashionable new stylings. Medieval reframings can only be traced by very close examination of the object and are difficult to link with a specific historical context. Therefore, this study concentrates on some examples of medieval sculptures in Cologne, which have been the subjects of intense studies by restorers and art historians.

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