Michael Müller. Ernstes Spiel. Catalogue Raisonné

The Berlin-based, German-British-Indian artist Michael Müller, born in Ingelheim am Rhein in 1970, explores the aesthetics and visualisation of complex thought processes in his artistic production. The conceptual artist’s extremely diverse, constantly expanding œuvre defies one-sided interpretation or classification. Michael Müller works with different forms of artistic expression, continually expanding them; he combines works on paper with painting, texts, sculpture, objets trouvés, music and performance - and also sees curating as artistic practice. His large-format paintings, drawings, installations and sculptures, on which he works over periods of several months, are exhibited internationally. Michael Müller studied sculpture and fine arts at the Kunstakademie in Düsseldorf and has taught as a visiting professor at the Universität der Künste Berlin.

Comprising over 40 volumes with the ambiguous title Ernstes Spiel (Serious Play), the planned catalogue raisonné of Michael Müller’s art is a unique undertaking. It will introduce the near inexhaustible œuvre with close collaboration from the artist himself, providing a comprehensive overview of the painting and graphic art, sculpture, installations and performances. In addition, it will present Müller's texts, which cover a spectrum of different disciplines - the natural sciences, poetry and linguistics, philosophy, and music. The catalogue raisonné, published in German, English and Chinese, is a project spanning several decades and, in addition to detailed documentation, will also offer a classification of Müller's art by renowned authors.


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