Schriftenreihe der Forschungsstelle Informelle Kunst

Schriften der Forschungsstelle Informelle Kunst

Editors: Anne-Kathrin Hinz and Christoph Zuschlag

Art informel was a key artistic innovation in the 1950s, and its impact continues to this day. Since 2019, the Institute of Art History at the University of Bonn has been home to the Forschungsstelle Informelle Kunst, committed to the intensification of research in this field, which has been scant in recent years. As from 2021, a dedicated series of publications will document the research centre’s projects and make an innovative contribution to the study of art informel from a global and transdisciplinary perspective. The primary aim is to publish current research contributions - in the form of both essay collections and monographs – and to edit significant foreign-language source texts on art informel in German translation.


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