Dehio - Handbuch der Kunstdenkmäler in Polen

After the successful pilot project covering "Silesia" (published in German and Polish versions in 2005/06), with which the traditional series founded by Georg Dehio was extended for the first time to the art monuments in present-day Poland, the next long-awaited publication is finally being released. This three-volume edition covers the historical region of "Lesser Poland" in south-eastern Poland, comprising western areas around Krakow, Kielce/ Sandomierz (Volume 2) and eastern areas around Lublin and Przemy l/Rzeszów (Volume 3). An additional volume (Volume 1) provides a basic introduction to the history and art of Lesser Poland from the Middle Ages to the present day. As both a useful travel companion and comprehensive compendium of knowledge, the "Dehio Małopolska" provides detailed information about all the important monuments of this fascinating region in the context of German-Polish history. In addition to selected city maps and floor plans, the volumes are supplemented by a list of artists and two-colour survey maps.


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