Urban Vizes. Detlef Waschkau | Finissage 

01/21/2024, 11:30 p.m.
KunstRaum Bernusstraße, Frankfurt am Main

Urban Vizes. Detlef Waschkau | Finissage 

Detlef Waschkau sees his art as the relationship between the city and people. The exhibition title “Urban Vibes” stands for timeless vibrations and transformations in urban space. His works reflect the unforeseen, the experimental, overlaps and liberations.

The city becomes a powerhouse of emotions and an anchor point for people hurrying through the streets. He understands the urban as a resonating space and processes the everyday in pictorial constructions made of wood and paint. Color moods and open spaces create points of calm and form new narratives.

KunstRaum Bernusstraße
Bernusstraße 18
60487 Frankfurt am Main

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More on the book Detlef Waschkau can be found here.

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