Michael Müller | The Given Day

10/14/2022 – 04/23/2023
Städel Museum, Frankfurt

Michael Müller | The Given Day

Duration: 10/14/2022 to 04/23/2023
Place: Städel Museum, Frankfurt

The German-British artist Michael Anthony Müller (b. 1970) brings the mythological world of Greek antiquity to life in the rooms of the Städel Museum.

The monumental painting Der geschenkte Tag, created especially for the exhibition, as well as the volume of the same name, rework the Greek myth surrounding the twin couple Castor and Pollux, the Dioscuri.

With this work, as well as other drawings and a sculpture, Michael Müller encourages reflection in the exhibition on the meaning of time, mortality, and supratemporal love, and at the same time raises the question of whether an abstract work of art can tell a story?

Photo: (c) art-beats, Robert Schittko. Courtesy Studio Michael Müller

More information about the exhibition.

The accompanying catalogue can be found here.

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