Frans Hals inspiriert

06/15 – 09/03/2023
Schloss Wilhelmshöhe, Kassel

Frans Hals inspiriert

From the fall of 2023, the loan of the painting “The Man with the Slouch Hat” by Frans Hals is planned for the major Frans Hals exhibition in London/Amsterdam. Before that, we are preparing a dignified farewell to the masterpiece. From June 15, the famous portrait will be joined by other works as a temporary intervention in the permanent exhibition: the etching by William Unger and the copy by Lovis Corinth after the Dutchman, as well as a new interpretation by Sławomir Elsner, which was acquired by the Museum Society. In addition, there are some preparatory studies by the artist. The compilation impressively proves: Frans Hals inspires until today. Elsner’s work will represent Frans Hals original then during the loan.

Hessen Kassel Heritage
Schloss Wilhelmshöhe
34131 Kassel

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