Emil Nolde. My way of painting …

03/31/2022 – 02/28/2023

Pinakothek der Moderne, Munich

Emil Nolde. My way of painting …

Duration: 03/31/2022 to 02/28/2023
Place: Pinakothek der Moderne, Munich

“My way of painting is without all artifice …” is a quote from the well-known expressionist Emil Nolde. Known as a master of colouring, the choice of canvases and primers, paints as well as diverse application techniques essentially determine the effect of his paintings.

The exhibition illuminates his painting technique in the form of an art-technological presentation, which was examined for the first time by an interdisciplinary team of restorers, art historians and natural scientists.

The exhibition and the accompanying catalogue vividly explain the results of the research in a dialogue between the originals and the results of the restorative and scientific investigations. Realia from the artist’s studio estate illustrate the artist’s demand for quality in his materials as well as his individual use of paint.

Further information on the exhibition.

You can find the accompanying catalogue here.

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