„Die Technik der Radierung im 17. Jahrhundert“ | Lecture with Ad Stijnman

11/24/23, 6:00 p.m.
Landesmuseum Mainz / online

„Die Technik der Radierung im 17. Jahrhundert“ | Lecture with Ad Stijnman

Etching, the origins of which as an intaglio technique can be traced back to the beginning of the 16th century, unfolded its full glory in the 17th century. Famous engravers such as Albrecht Dürer had rejected etching as an inferior technique to copperplate engraving, but a century later it experienced its Baroque heyday. The etching technique owes its albeit late success to the freedom of its lines. Unlike the laborious method of copperplate engraving, the artist’s hand can playfully transpose the drawing onto the etching plate with ease.

The exhibition “Die Freiheit der Linie” at Landesmuseum Mainz presents and emphasizes the importance of the etching technique in the 17th century and provides fascinating insights into the working processes and aesthetics of Baroque printmaking. The focus is on works by three artists who excelled in the etching technique: Jacques Callot, Stefano della Bella and Giovanni Benedetto Castiglione.

The lecture with Ad Stijnman, expert in printing techniques, will be held in conjunction with the exhibition.

Free admission
Registration at: anmeldung@gdke.rlp.de
The lecture will take place hybrid.

Landesmuseum Mainz
Große Bleiche 49 – 51 
55116 Mainz

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More on the title Die Freiheit der Linie can be found here.

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