Briefedition Friedrich Preller d. Ä. | Book presentation

11/22/2023, 5:00 p.m.
Stadtarchiv Weimar

Briefedition Friedrich Preller d. Ä. | Book presentation

Friedrich Preller the Elder’s mythological landscapes shaped the ideal of a 19th-century art concept oriented on the classical canon. The painter, who worked in Weimar, left behind a large oeuvre of paintings, drawings and prints, only some of which have been catalogued to date.

His letters provide information about his clients, work processes and pictorial ideas and bring to life his journeys to Italy, through the Alps, and to Norway. They allow a precise reconstruction of five decades of intense creative activity. Preller corresponded with numerous 19th-century personalities, including fine artists, composers, art dealers and publishers, as well as his students.

In his approximately one-hour presentation of the book, the author Prof. em. Dr. Reinhard Wegner deals in particular with important topics for Weimar, such as the Odyssey cycle in the Neues Museum, the relationship to Carl Alexander and Franz Liszt as well as the conflicts with the Modernism/Painting School.

Stadtarchiv Weimar
Kleine Teichgasse 6
99423 Weimar

The event will be held in German.

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More on the book Briefedition Friedrich Preller d. Ä. can be found here.

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