Becoming CoBrA. Anfänge einer europäischen Kunstbewegung

D11/18/22 – 03/05/2023

Kunsthalle Mannheim

Becoming CoBrA. Anfänge einer europäischen Kunstbewegung

Duration: 11/18/22 to 03/05/2023
Place: Kunsthalle Mannheim

There is little knowledge in this country about CoBrA, one of the most important artist groups of the Informel. For the first time, the exhibition at the Kunsthalle Mannheim and the catalog of the same name provide a broadly researched insight into the art movement that was central to the 20th century.

Featuring some 150 paintings, sculptures, prints, photographs, textile works, and ceramics, the exhibition shows how a newly emerging avant-garde influenced by World War II and the postwar period began its redefined creative process.

More information about the exhibition.

All information about the catalog can be found here.

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