24! / Questions for the Concrete Present

03/23/2024 – 09/22/2024
Museum für Konkrete Kunst, Ingolstadt
Museum im Kulturspeicher, Würzburg

24! / Questions for the Concrete Present

Although Concrete Art comes across as very precise, it is only possible to say approximately when the name was born. In his manifesto of the same name, Theo van Doesburg officially introduced the term to art theory in 1930. But the Dutch artist, architect and theorist is said to have conceived it for the first time and applied it to his own works as early as 1924.

100 years later, despite all the uncertainty, this anniversary is a fitting opportunity to question today’s generation of young artists with a stylistic affinity to the movement in detail about their relationship to Concrete Art. What influence have the beginnings of the art movement had on their own visual work? Are its principles still relevant today? And does the same apply to the name? 

Museum für Konkrete Kunst (MKK)
Tränktorstraße 6–8
85049 Ingolstadt

More information about the exhibiton in MKK.

Museum im Kulturspeicher (MiK)
Oskar-Laredo-Platz 1
97080 Würzburg

Weitere Informationen zur exhibition in MiK.

More on the book 24! / Questions for the Concrete Present can be found here.

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