344 Seiten mit 275 farbigen und 13 schwarzweißen Abbildungen, 15 x 21 cm, Klappenbroschur

ISBN: 978-3-422-07406-4
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Bernhard Maaz

Pinakothek der Moderne Munich – Modern Art Collection

Englische Ausgabe

Essays by Judith Csiki, Nadine Engel, Simone Förster, Inka Graeve Ingelmann, Oliver Kase, Bernhard Maaz, Bernhart Schwenk, Benjamin Sommer, Franziska Stöhr, Corinna Thierolf und Anna Volz

The Modern Art Collection is a world-class collection of modern art belonging to the Bavarian State Painting Collections in Munich. Milestones in the history of 20th and 21st century art have been on show in the collection’s galleries at the Pinakothek der Moderne since 2002. Besides the largest suite of works by Max Beckmann in Europe, the collection boasts remarkable paintings by Kandinsky, Kirchner, and Picasso, major works by Bacon, Baselitz, and Warhol, photography by the likes of August Sander to Jeff Wall, as well as artwork by contemporary artists working in painting and media art. With its excellent selection of masterpieces, this book presents the full spectrum of artistic expression reflected in the collection. In a series of incisive and insightful essays, the curators turn their expert gaze to the various represented movements, from the French Fauves and Cubists, the Italian Futurists, German
Expressionists, and the Bauhaus to Neue Sachlichkeit and Surrealism. Other chapters are devoted to artists during the First World War and the period of NationalQA Socialism. In later chapters the more
recent art of Beuys, Judd, De Kooning, and Polke comes head to head with contemporary works by Pipilotti Rist, Zoe Leonard, Neo Rauch, and Thomas Hirschhorn.