56 Seiten mit 50 farbigen und 3 schwarzweißen Abbildungen, 12 x 20 cm, Klappenbroschur
ISBN: 978-3-422-06839-1
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Landesstelle für die nichtstaatlichen Museen in Bayern (Hrsg.)

Alter Hof: The Imperial Castle

Englische Ausgabe

The Alter Hof is the oldest residence of the Bavarian dukes in Munich, dating back 800 years to the 12th century. Important personalities from the House of Wittelsbach determined its appearance; they enlarged und beautified it before moving their centre of government to the location of present Residence in the 16th century. The most famous landlord of the castle was Duke Ludwig IV, elected German king in 1314, crowned emperor in 1328 and since then referred to as Ludwig 'the Bavarian'. During his reign the Imperial insignia were kept in the court chapel. The years around 1324 to 1350 were, therefore, the most illustrious period in the history of the Alter Hof. The permanent multimedia exhibition "The Imperial Castle in Munich" in the late Gothic vaulted cellar of the Burgstock wing of the Alter Hof provides a vivid introduction into the history of the Alter Hof, the life of Ludwig 'the Bavarian' and the history of Munich.