232 Seiten mit 262 meist farbigen Abbildungen, 21 x 27 cm, Hardcover

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Förderverein der Jeanne-Mammen-Stiftung e.V., Berlin (Hrsg.)

Jeanne Mammen

Paris – Bruxelles – Berlin

Published in cooperation with the Frankreich Zentrum, Freie Universität Berlin

Research findings of the first scholarly symposium on Jeanne Mammen in Berlin, 2014

Essays by Lydia Böhmert, Julia Drost, Annelie Lütgens, Cornelia Pastelak-Price, Ines Quitsch, Adelheid Rasche, Hildegard Reinhardt, Camilla Smith, Jill Suzanne Smith, Rainer Stamm, Günter Stock, Johann Thun und Margarete Zimmermann

English edition – Ten art historical, cultural and literary essays by international experts, lavishly illustrated, including unpublished artwork, cast new light on the artistic oeuvre and life of Jeanne Mammen (1890–1976), reflecting the current state of research, with emphasis on her artistic roots and cultural relations between Germany and France. An extensive biography of the artist who shaped the image of the “Golden Twenties” and likewise portrayed the dark sides of the Weimar Republic completes the volume.

 Born in Berlin, Mammen grew up in France after 1900. She received her formal art training as a painter and graphic artist in Paris, Brussels, and Rome. At the outbreak of World War I, her family had to flee France and returned to Berlin in 1915, where Jeanne Mammen lived until 1976. The French cultural background of her youth fundamentally influenced her creative personality and artistic style. In her artwork she combined traditional elements of European art with what she encountered in Germany – an impressive example for the artistic and cultural exchange between Germany and France.