264 pages with 130 ills., 24 × 17 cm, Hardcover

ISBN: 978-3-422-98710-4
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Anna Grosskopf (Hrsg.), Tobias Hoffmann (Hrsg.)

Bröhan 100

Highlights of the Collection

This lavishly illustrated publication on the Bröhan Museum’s collection, established in 1973 by entrepreneur and collector Karl H. Bröhan (1921–2000), surveys the main trends in the history of design between 1890 and 1940. From French Art Nouveau and the British Arts and Crafts movement, the book proceeded to Jugendstil and the German Werkstätten, Viennese Modernism and the international Art Déco movements, then all the way on to the functionalist design of the 1930s. It uses 100 objects or pairs of objects to vividly communicate the history of art and collecting. A special section is devoted to the artists of the Berlin Secession. A must for fans of Jugendstil, Art Déco and functionalist design!