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Reconstruction of a Lecture: Eduard Liesegang’s Slide Show „Our Colonies“

Maximilian August am Mihr

From the Journal: Rundbrief Fotografie

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19 Mar 2024



Eduard (hereinafter Ed.) Liesegang oHG, estab. 1854, Germany’s leading manufacturer of projection equipment for much of the 20th century, built up a substantial archive, which between 2004 and 2011 passed into the hands of the Filmmuseum Düsseldorf. In addition, slide and photo series of the company were acquired as donations. Liesegang’s range included not just diapositives but texts to go with them as well, and it even provided speakers for some of its series. The now all but obsolete slide show played an important role in the company’s business concept. The „Our Colonies“ series no. 645 of 1912 is an especially remarkable example of the genre. The colored glass slides were presumably used to illustrate the lectures given in the many local branches of the German Kaiserreich’s colonial administration, among them the Deutsche Kolonialgesellschaft and the Deutsche Kolonialverein.

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