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Cold Storage?

Franziska Leidig , Kristina Blaschke-Walther , Ute Henniges and Irene Brückle

From the Journal: Rundbrief Fotografie

Published online:

23 Dec 2022



Six face- and back-mounted chromogenic print samples (each 120 × 160 cm) and one pre-damaged original photograph (120 × 120 cm) were exposed to alternating temperature conditions. Cold storage was set at 8 °C with a slightly fluctuating relative humidity at an average of 55 % in a cooling chamber; room temperature storage occurred at 19 to 27 °C depending on the prevailing weather conditions. The samples were exposed alternatingly to these setups in a 24-hour rotation over five weeks to assess the effect of strong and rapid fluctuations on the stability of the composite. After about one week under the extreme, stress-intensive testing conditions, irreversible deformation, and a local loss of translucency occurred. Further local delamination was observed on the pre-damaged original artwork. Exceeding the dew point temperature, which occurred in our experimental setup and should be avoided, resulted in condensation on the acrylic surface and led to extensive streaks and, in combination with the electrostatic charge, to extreme dust deposits. These findings suggest that cold storage cannot be recommended for face- and back-mounted chromogenic prints.

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