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Bernhard Irmler and Elke Nagel

From the Journal: architectura

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05 Aug 2023



The construction experience of M.A.N. company was reflected in the M.A.N. steel house in the sophisticated panel construction and the simplicity of the joints. The designers met the requirement of creating a modern functional home with the exceptionally high-quality façade modules, efficient insulation, double-glazing of the windows and integration of the most modern building services for maximum living comfort. With the standardisation of construction elements, M.A.N. chimed with the spirit of the times, and the extremely short construction time of just a few weeks was also advantageous. While the contemporary clients appreciated performance and equipment, the traditional shape imitating cubature and façade design failed. Responding to the clients’ wishes by developing variations distinguished the M.A.N. steel house as the most flexible prefabricated house. At the same time, it was precisely the individualisation that brought the manufacturing company disproportionately high production costs and prevented profitable series production.

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