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Architekturgeschichte der ›Aachener Schule‹

Daniel Buggert and Anke Naujokat

From the Journal: architectura

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25 Nov 2022



The ›Aachen School‹ of architectural history analyzes and interprets built structures with the holistic perspective of a trained architect. The first step is a very detailed investigation of the building, using the methods of Historical Building Research. At the same time, archival sources and structural considerations help to develop a clearer picture of a building’s original design concept and its development during the process of planning and realization. Based on this preparatory research, the focus is broadened, applying methods and discussing topics from the perspective of art history and architectural theory and integrating, if necessary, further interdisciplinary collaboration.

The overarching premise is that architecture, beyond its time-bound historical condition, is also determined by essential timeless or metahistorical characteristics. These form an important level of knowledge for architectural historians as well as for architects. Architectural history, thus, is not a mere historical science, but also makes an important contribution to the general architectural discourse.

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