Neue Forschungen zur Rekonstruktion der Schatzhäuser von Olympia – Ein Zwischenbericht

Markus Wolf

From the Journal: Architectura

Published online:

19 Nov 2021




Since June 2018 the treasuries of the Archaic and early Classical period at Olympia in Southern Greece were explored. The new study is based on the unpublished works of the researcher Klaus Herrmann, who worked about the treasuries since 1968 and died in 2015, with the intention to prepare all the material and information for a final publication. For this reason, a new general plan of all the foundations and new drawings of series of architectural elements not yet recorded as well as computer graphics of the reconstruction of the treasuries were worked out. In this paper especially the treasury of Sikyon and its reused elements in the early Christian walls of the so called Spolienhaus as well as the easternmost treasury of Gela will be presented. Important for these two treasuries are also the older works of the researcher Hans Schleif in the period between 1937 and his death in 1945.

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