Bauen für das wirkliche Leben

Felix Rösch and Andreas Buss

From the Journal: Architectura

Published online:

07 Apr 2021



In Summer 1930 the tenement houses with galley access, the so-called Laubenganghäuser, were completed in Dessau-Törten. The project reflects the radical rationalism of Bauhaus director Hannes Meyer as well as his sensitivity to the needs of everyday life. The buildings can be considered like organisms with their own specific metabolism. Appreciated a UNESCO World Heritage Site, they have recently been examined in highest detail by an interdisciplinary team ranging from architects to archaeologists. By excavations and the review of rediscovered archival sources, it became possible to reconstruct the state at which the Laubenganghäuser were created. Furthermore, conclusions about the lives of the first residents could be drawn. Aspects of everyday life in a Bauhaus building as well as historical events appear as if under a magnifying glass.

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