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Für eine meta-ethische Wende. Anmerkungen zur neueren Verantwortungsästhetik

Tom Holert

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18 Dec 2018



Dating back to the early 2000s, a much discussed ‘ethical turn’ of the discourse of contemporary art has affected (and continues to infect) the entire field, from art practice, to curating, to criticism, to education, to the business of art. This turn – which arguably resumes one of the steadfast dialectical features of modernism as such – has caused deep schisms between defenders of art’s autonomy and those who see art as increasingly obliged to engage in moral, social, and political issues – due to claimed urgencies of the contemporary condition. The essay ponders various conceptual and philosophical underpinnings of this ethical conjuncture and makes a plea for an aesthetics of responsibility in opposition to the neoliberal responsibilization palpable in contemporary art and culture.

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