Das Turnierhaus am Münchner Hofgarten

Clemens Knobling

From the Journal: Architectura

Published online:

24 Jul 2019



The tournament house at the Munich Hofgarten was once a place of glittering festivals and spectacles. There, tournaments on horseback, as well as elaborately staged theater performances and court balls took place. Despite its former importance, the building is more or less forgotten, possibly because it had to give way to the urban redevelopment of Munich in 1825. The great feature of the building was its construction, especially the roofing, which held additional places for spectators. The master builder, Marx Schinnagl, created a construction that spanned over 23.30 m, without any support and without tie beams. The tournament house with its roofing system, which was exceptional for the 17th century, was reconstructed in the course of recent research and rebuilt as a model.

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